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Susan (OC Request) by LukeTheShadowWolf Susan (OC Request) :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 2 6 Ash (OC Request) by LukeTheShadowWolf Ash (OC Request) :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 0 7 OC Animatronization by LukeTheShadowWolf OC Animatronization :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 2 6 Spike - Diving Suit OC by LukeTheShadowWolf Spike - Diving Suit OC :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 2 17 Ann (Requested OC) by LukeTheShadowWolf Ann (Requested OC) :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 4 3 Cobalion Hip Wiggle by LukeTheShadowWolf
Mature content
Cobalion Hip Wiggle :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 6 10
Techno (FNAF OC) by LukeTheShadowWolf Techno (FNAF OC) :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 2 4 Reaper (Shadowsoflight23 OC) by LukeTheShadowWolf Reaper (Shadowsoflight23 OC) :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 1 10 Skunk Giantess Hugs by LukeTheShadowWolf Skunk Giantess Hugs :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 4 5 OC Request: Mark by LukeTheShadowWolf OC Request: Mark :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 2 4
FNAF OC: Limbo
Limbo the Husky
Normal Model
Gender: Male
Shape: Slimmer build than the other animatronics, can move quicker
Color scheme: Mainly maroon, with cream underbelly and other spots
Eye color: Pine green
Accessories: Blue collar with a gold bone-shaped tag, Functional tail
Found in: Main Room
Role: In charge of teaching kids to dance
Toy Model
Gender: (Supposed to be transgender, but considered undecided since LGBTQ isn't a thing in the 80’s) Designed to be male
Shape: Bigger (in size) and shorter (in height) than the normal model
Color scheme: Same as normal model, only brighter colors
Eye color: Neon green
Accessories: Same as normal model
Found in: Games Room, with Balloon Boy (Enragement Child)
Role: In charge of the dancing games and consoles
Withered Model
Gender: Male
Shape: Same as normal model, with broken ankle, missing forearm and half the head missing, with an eye hanging by wires
Color scheme: Same as normal model, but faded and with black motor oil dripped from joints
:iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 1 2
Item #: SCP-1471-404
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: [REDACTED]
Description: SCP-1471-404 is a singular copy of the mobile application known as MalO Verizon 1.0.0 (SCP-1471), which, in typical context, will continuously send cryptic images of places the owner of the mobile device has been, slowly getting closer to present events and containing a creature with a canid-like skull for a head
with black hair, which slowly gets closer.
This particular copy of the app was uploaded to the mobile phone of one of the SCP Foundation’s employees for testing purposes. Unlike other versions, SCP-1471-404 appeared having red-brown hair and glowing yellow eyes. It acted differently from other tests of SCP-1471, specifically meaning it appeared to be attempting to communicate with the tester using hand signals. Following this assumption, the tester made full-on conversations with SCP-1471-404 through its sign language, in which we have established that it considered itself f
:iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 1 404
Christmas in a Fox's Maw by LukeTheShadowWolf Christmas in a Fox's Maw :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 1 9 Deliciously Delightful Discount by LukeTheShadowWolf Deliciously Delightful Discount :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 1 7
Bio: Chemo
Full name: Reginald “Chemo” LaVeur
Race: Formerly racoon; “Scarecrow”
Sex: Male
Age: 17
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Temperament: Very serious. Won't take shit from anyone, and is only particularly friendly to those who he considers friends (or at least allies).
Backstory: Growing up in a big family, Reggie had always been the one who didn't bother to socialize and do activities with the family. He always pondered the world he lived in, thinking about the darkest of things in his head. He began writing poems, and singing in his room, and even found a bunch of old punk CDs which he grew attached to. But then, as if his life wasn't sorrowful enough, when he was 13, he began feeling severe pain in his body, and soon discovered he had a tumor in his belly; one of which couldn't be removed. Given a month to live, he fell even deeper into depression, until a special doctor promised him a “treatment” that would not only destroy his cancer, but save him
:iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 1 12
Two Dogs, A Bird and A Mouse by LukeTheShadowWolf Two Dogs, A Bird and A Mouse :iconluketheshadowwolf:LukeTheShadowWolf 1 9


Commission : Eirwen by RiavaCornelia Commission : Eirwen :iconriavacornelia:RiavaCornelia 11 5 .: INK HEARTS :. by The-Star-Hunter .: INK HEARTS :. :iconthe-star-hunter:The-Star-Hunter 47 5
The Dragon Doctor
!!Warning!! Contains soft vore and partial full tour vore (No not all the way through)
   Now this case was strange, something I’ve never encountered before. The day started like any other. I woke up and brew myself a strong one, the rich black coffee was much more bitter than normal. For some reason that detail sticks out above all. Just as I was finishing breakfast I got a call on my phone, figuring it was one of the normal townsfolk calling me again, maybe Mrs. Cuts again with that old crooner of a lap dragon. However, when I picked up the phone it was someone completely new.
   “Hello this is Drake’s dragon veterinary how can I help you?” I asked with a slightly cheerful but dull voice, the usual beginning to every conversation over the phone. “Hi my dragon is very sick, she seems to be having very bad stomach problems, and cramps,” the deep female voice on the other end said with a almost shaky voice. Stomach problems aren
:iconcarbonthedragon:carbonthedragon 12 3
Purple Abyss by RenaAyama
Mature content
Purple Abyss :iconrenaayama:RenaAyama 52 13
Commission for kdrj4402 by Peggie-Sued Commission for kdrj4402 :iconpeggie-sued:Peggie-Sued 32 8 Sonic Forces: Let's Work Together! by sarahlouiseghost Sonic Forces: Let's Work Together! :iconsarahlouiseghost:sarahlouiseghost 24 2 Krystal by rocknetto Krystal :iconrocknetto:rocknetto 23 2 trip by voredragon12345
Mature content
trip :iconvoredragon12345:voredragon12345 9 265
Radical dude by GluttonWolf Radical dude :icongluttonwolf:GluttonWolf 10 5 MORE Cat and Monkey! by wigmania MORE Cat and Monkey! :iconwigmania:wigmania 19 1 Ema by RiavaCornelia Ema :iconriavacornelia:RiavaCornelia 16 5 Commission : Aqua by RiavaCornelia Commission : Aqua :iconriavacornelia:RiavaCornelia 20 9 Loodie ready by teranen
Mature content
Loodie ready :iconteranen:teranen 218 9
SWAT by Zuffs SWAT :iconzuffs:Zuffs 60 8 Sage of the Rito (Commission) by Galaxynite Sage of the Rito (Commission) :icongalaxynite:Galaxynite 77 11 Haley by WolfRoxy Haley :iconwolfroxy:WolfRoxy 452 35



A big thunder-and-lightning storm just passed over. Lightning must've struck a tower somewhere, cuz not only did the power go out temporarily, but my WiFi router shorted out and is utterly broken, and I think I remember seeing something spark outside.
Just sending this journal is requiring me to use data on my phone. That being said, I will be more than likely near inactive until we get a new router.
See ya when I see ya >~<
  • Listening to: Rockit Gaming - INSIDE song
  • Watching: dont hug me. im scared
  • Playing: Little Nightmares DLC
  • Drinking: Coffee. Lots of it


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In general, I love art. Writing, drawing... writing AND drawing (o3o). I signed up here on Deviant Art to show off my work... especially the work I rather not share in person. Here, I can show whatever I want, however I want. I hope those who see my work enjoy it (;3)!


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LukeTheShadowWolf Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
It's a Husky or a Malimute, and I changed it a while ago. It's actually a zoomed in screenshot of a meme image saying something like "I think my dog died a little inside when I didn't give him the last bite of my burger".
MindLoops Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017
Ok well the dog isn't fat he's just a little HUSKY.Bad pun 
I love puns.
LukeTheShadowWolf Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I dunno, I think that's a bit of a mala-MUTE point
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